Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Honor of Tara, Dayna, Lenore, and Alix

The above mentioned are the glorious members of my "committee".  If I was the kind of chick who used the word "girlfriend", they'd be it.  But I'm not that kind of chick.

They've been through it all with me, and they continue to amaze me.  I've dropped Henry off at their houses when I've had to hospitalize Max.  I've called them and invited him for sleepovers at their houses.  And I've interrupted their vacations to see if they can take Henry.  That's what I did today.  I called Tara to see if Henry could invade her day. 

Max, Henry, and I were on our way home from a reasonably successful trip to Danbury Mall.   The trip home wasn't reasonable, though.  It never really is, and I always swear to myself that I'll never drive them anywhere again.  We're alive because we've gotten lucky, but that's about it.  Max punched Henry with a huge closed fist about 20 times today on the ride home, then he took Henry's seatbelt off.  I leaned forward to avoid a flying water bottle and then veered right just in time to miss a huge white Escalade, whose driver had every right to lean on the horn.  How much should I let Max hurt Henry? How many times will we be lucky in the car?  So I called some committee members.  Lenore wasn't home.  Tara answered her cell phone, but she was in Boston.  Home tomorrow, she said.  Don't think I wasn't planning on taking her up on that unspoken offer.

I had recently called on both Dayna and Alix, so I decided not to bother them.  Figured we'd just make it through, somehow, like we always do.  We were only 10 more minutes from home, and Max wanted to watch Return of the Jedi, again.  I figured I could isolate him up in my bed watching that, and maybe Henry and I could catch a break.

That's when my phone rang.  It was Dayna, who had heard that I could use some help.  Tara had called her to let her know.  Did Henry want to come to the pool with Dayna and her boys? Sure, she could pick him up. 

I wanted to cry.  So grateful for friends like these.  I am not that girl with millions of friends.  But I have what I need.

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